How to Stay Connected During Social Distancing

Social distancing doesn’t mean social disconnection!

In the current situation, it’s so easy to feel disconnected and isolated from the outside world. More than ever before, it’s extremely important we find ways to connect with one another. But how do we stay connected while complying with the stay-at-home mandate?

We’ll tell you!

Below we have compiled a list of ideas you can try at home to stay connected while practicing social distancing.

Send a personal touch

At least once a week, send a personal email, text, phone call to someone you care about. This goes a long way in letting people know you care about them.

Make a video call

Make sure to find ways to visually connect with those you love. Zoom, Facetime, Google Meet are all great free options. You can be creative and host a board game night (Jackbox.Tv), do a dance party, or workout together. Not only do we need to connect with our loved ones but make sure to have your children connect with theirs as well.

Give a shout out to your kids and/or significant other

Shout out to your kids if they are working extremely hard and putting in effective effort. Distance learning is not going to be smooth sailing for them. Make sure to highlight their wins. It also goes a long way to shout out to your significant other. This is the time to appreciate one another for helping out.

Spend some quality family time

Every day, brainstorm as a family, some projects or activities you can all do together. Whether it’s baking cookies, watching a movie, working out together or building a fort. This will allow your family to just have fun in the moment and not worry about everything else that is going on.

Embrace social media

Spend some time on social media. This is a good way to connect and see what others are doing. It’s okay to spend a little bit more time on social media. You can even start a Tik Tok account and do some fun dances as a family! Just make sure you set a time limit for yourself.

Volunteer with an organization

Just because you have to stay at home doesn’t mean we can’t volunteer! Many nursing homes are looking for pen pals. You can even get your children involved. Have them draw and make cards and teach them how to mail a card!

You can become a crisis counselor with Crisis Text Line, a 24/7 text-based hotline for those in crisis.

You can assist the Red Cross’s social engagement team by becoming a digital volunteer. You will monitor conversations on social media to find people who might need help, share important updates and resources and offer compassionate responses.

Become a Smithsonian “volunteer” to help transcribe and make historical documents and biodiversity data accessible to everyone.

The United Nations Volunteers program currently has more than a hundred online volunteer opportunities including teaching, translating and art design.

Join an online fitness community

It’s so important that we exercise our bodies. There are many free and paid fitness communities in which to partake. Many local fitness studios are also taking their workouts online live and prerecorded.

Host a watch party

Netflix Party is a chrome extension that allows you to watch movies with other users and chat in real-time. There are plenty of Atlanta-filmed options to choose form.

Go on virtual tours!

Check out our past blog on links to visit national parks and museusm from all around the world!

Join an online book club

Connect with other adults through an online book club. Below are a few organizations that facilitate online book clubs You can also coordinate one between your group of friends.

Now Read This is a monthly book club from PBS News Hour and The New York Times Book Review.

Monthly Book Club

Buzzfeed Book Club reads one book a month and hosts discussions.

The Andrew Luck Book Club, created by the former Indianapolis Colts quarterback

The next time you find yourself craving social interaction, feel free to try some of these activities on this list!

For more information, please check out our Distance Learning Hub:

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