Creating A Positive Home Learning Environment For Your Children

As we transition to distance learning, it’s important to create a positive home learning environment for your children. Their home is now becoming their school. Below are a few tips for helping you and your children ease into this new learning environment.

Developing a schedule

Write out a schedule with your child! It is important for children to have a visual of what their day looks like. Your teacher may have provided a temporary outline of what to do so please use that as a template!

Here is a sample schedule:

Please note that these schedules are flexible! If you aren’t able to follow it exactly, that’s okay! You can pick it up on a different time/day.

Creating a learning space

Help your children create their own special place at home where they will be most comfortable and able to do their best work. Consider creating a basket with school supplies your child might need such as paper, pencils, pens, scissors, glue, etc. You can even have them create a name card like the one they have at school!

Parents role/expectations

Remote learning will most likely be new not only for your children, but for you and for your teachers. In the first days, you will discover how much support your children will need to make this effort be successful. Make sure to set expectations for learning. For the time being, their home is also their school. Have a conversation with your child and discuss what works and what doesn’t work, especially in the first couple of days. Remember, this may be a difficult transition for your child, so it’s essential that you take in their feelings and adjust appropriately.

We recognize that families may face complications including space and logistical concerns. Hopefully these tips will help ease some of that. Our goal is to be flexible during this time and assist in supporting your family.

Please reach out to your teachers for support if needed.

For more resources, please go to

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